USB Lamp modification

Did you ever wondered how to control the mixer when its dark in your room?

This is how I did it.


I got myself a LED-Lamp with 10 white LED´s, a "swan-neck" and USB connector. Mine is from Digitus for around 10 EUR . There are others available like this:

I decided to place it on the right side of the mixer case just above the original fan outlet

So I glued an USB female connector on the outside case (marked in red).

Power is from internal, the board "ioconn01" has a 5V rail (green rectangle). For security reasons I soldered a Schottky diode in serial to the +5V cable to prevent power leaking in. You can see that at the black shrinking tube.

Now it will look like this at night sessions

Isn´t that nice?



Fan modification

To prevent overheating on the PSU I did this modification on a couple of devices in meantime. Consider replacing all Electrolyt-Capacitors in a fist step, the PSU is known to be very hot inside during normal operation. So it is a good idea replacing the dried out capacitors, there is a great article from a guy "plzi" here..


For doing the fan-mod you will get an replacement of the existing 50mm fan, I got a much quieter one which is about 20mm in height.

With some silicone rubber pins I mounted the new one to prevent vibrations

pins are going from outside to . . .

. . . inside

Next step is to modify the PSU case.

Create a hole for the 80mm fan at the top. Create 2 notches pointing to outside, the position have to match to the existing vent gaps at the right side of the main case. This will be the main path for hot air. Use tape to close all the vent slots at the top of PSU case. Then tap the 8V from the main PSU board pins "+8" and "DG" to power the 80mm fan.

Before case is closed, bend the corners to allow additional air flow across the internal electronic parts.

Next use sticky foam tape to prepare the vent gaps on the main case, I use this white "Tesa-Moll"

It will prevent air leakage while blowing out hot air

After putting all together hot air is forced to exit out via this paths

I never had any overheating problems on PSU´s with that modification, not even in hot summertimes.


I´m not taking any responsibility of tasks you are doing to your device, you should know how to get around with electronic parts, soldering, high voltage and charged capacitors before you open the mixer.

If you have eight hours to cut down a tree,
it is best to spend six hours sharpening your axe
and then two hours cutting down the tree..

(Anonymous, on the benefits of having good tools)
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